Gluten Free Cooking...My Crispy Chicken Tenders Recipe

Gluten Free Cooking...My Crispy Chicken Tenders Recipe

I started cooking without gluten several years ago after being diagnosed with a gluten allergy. Cutting gluten out of my diet was not easy, but it was worth it to feel better. Giving up bread was the obvious diet exclusion, but once I started the research, I realized that gluten was in some many things. I came to the understanding that if I wanted to eat well, and not spend a ton of money on gluten free goods, I was going to have to make it myself.

I love to cook, and found it challenging to create tasty recipes for my family that did not contain gluten. How would I bake cookies and cupcakes, or make pizza dough without gluten? Fortunately my gluten allergy was nothing new to the world, and I was able to find many substitutes for the real thing. 

Almond flour, rice flour, and tapioca flour are just a few common substitutes for wheat flour. I began to experiment with cooking, and baking with these flours, but the struggle was real. Nothing seemed to turn out right. The taste was off, or grainy, and unfortunately the texture was not the best. The reality was, this was my new reality. None of the substitutes would be exactly like a wheat flour, or produce identical results. But I kept experimenting by combining the flours, as well as adding xanthum gum to the baking recipes.

Then one day I discovered Cup4Cup gluten free flour. This flour claimed to produce wheat flour like results, with no additions needed to the flour. It was a little pricey, so I was hesitant, but I finally took the plunge and purchased a 3 lb. bag. I was pleasantly surprised at the results when using this flour. I also discovered several other brands, that produced similar results as well.

One of the first recipes I tried with Cup4Cup was fried chicken tenders. I rarely fry food, but when I do, I want it to be good. I prepared my recipe the same as I would with wheat flour, and the results were amazing. The tenders were golden, crispy, and better than you would get at a restaurant. Here's my simple but extra yummy recipe.

Gluten Free Crispy Chicken Tenders Recipe

  1. 1 1/2 lb chicken tenders

  2. 1 c. Cup4cup gluten free flour

  3. 1/2 c. cornstarch

  4. 2 eggs

  5. 1/3 c. Milk

  6. oil of choice for frying

  7. 3 tbsp. seasoning salt

  8. 2 tbsp. garlic powder

  9. 1 tbsp paprika

  10. 2 tsp. black pepper

Gluten Free Flour Recipe (Optional)

  1. 1/2 c. Rice flour

  2. 1/2 c. Tapioca flour

  3. 1 tbsp Xanthum Gum


Preheat your oil in a french oven, or heavy skillet to 375 degrees. In a large bowl add chicken tenders, 1 tbsp garlic powder, 1 tbsp seasoning salt, and 1 tsp black pepper and mix until chicken is completed coated. 

In a medium bowl add flour, cornstarch, 1 tbsp garlic powder, 1 tsp black pepper,  1 1/2 tbsp seasoning salt, 1 tbsp paprika, and mix with fork. In a second medium bowl beat eggs, milk, and your remaining seasoning salt together.

Prepare your dredging station by placing bowl with chicken on the end, middle will go your egg mixture, and last is your flour mixture. Take each tender and completely coat in egg mixture, and then dredge in flour, and shake off excess flour.  

Carefully place tenders in hot oil, making sure not to overcrowd skillet. Cook tenders for 5-7 minutes, depending on size of tenders, turning them over after about 3 minutes. Remove and drain on plate with paper towels.

I recommend saving yourself time by using gluten free flours like Cup4Cup, or are measure for measure of the gluten free flours. But just in case you still want to mix your flours, I included a gluten free flour recipe for the chicken tenders. Enjoy!

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