Dreams and Their Meaning...Interpreting Our Common Dreams

Dreams and Their Meaning...Interpreting Our Common Dreams

One might think from that title that I actually have some incite into our dreams, and their meaning right? Truth be told I've got nada. Just pure conjecture, best guesses, and of course my "all knowing" opinions. But in reality is that not all anyone has? I have done some research, and most of the literature I found on dreams goes a little something like psychologist believe that "blank" dream "MAY" mean blah blah blah.

So let's talk dreams. I experience some of the common dreams. Dreams about falling, having sex, spouse cheating, the loss of one of my children, and oddly snakes. I have never had the eerily common public nudity dream. That actually sounds quite terrifying. Now let's breakdown each type of dream and discuss.

5 Common Dreams

The Falling Dream

The falling dream is supposed to represent a fear of failure. I have been having this dream all of my life. I am very competitive, and set high standards for myself and others. But like many people, I have a fear of failure. I don't let my fear stop me from pushing forward, but it does press on me and cause that internal upheaval and anxiety. The falling dream appears during these times.

The Sex Dream

This type of dream seems obvious and in some cases it is. Sometimes someone can have such a pull on you mentally, physically, and emotionally that you cannot get them out of your mind, day or night. The desire is intense but making it a reality is an obstacle, if not impossible. Maybe a celebrity crush, or your best friend's guy or girl. Reality may not be better than fiction. The sex dream may also be about a desire for love and affection. Or perhaps you were watching or reading something of a sexual nature before falling asleep, and your mind took over.

The Spouse Cheating Dream

I have been married for over 16 years, and during that time I have never gotten the feeling that my husband was being unfaithful, or that his heart was somewhere else. I have always felt immense love for me coming from him. However, throughout the years there have been times where I have felt like we were not connecting, or there was a distance growing.  The spouse cheating dream can be about a concern of cheating, or a much needed wake of call that things are not right, and to fix them before they get worse. It can also be about your own feelings of insecurity, whether it's aging or gaining a few pounds. 

The Loss of Children Dream

I have been very fortunate.  I have a loving husband and two beautiful girls. I am happy. But there is a part of me waiting for the bad, the unexpected to happen. I work to keep this worry in check but it manifests itself in my dreams. Dreaming of one of my kids missing or dying. It's a heartbreaking dream that sends me to one of my girl's room to make sure they are still there, and are still alive. Sometimes I  even crawl into bed with them. This dream is supposed to be about being able to protect our children in a crazy world. But also about our own insecurities as parents, and our children growing up and leaving us.

The Snake Dream

There's an old wives tale that says dreaming of a snake means your pregnant. Umm, not true. In my dreams I am running from a snake. To be clear I have no fear of snakes. My uncle and cousins had pet snakes when I was growing up. The snakes in my dreams are huge and always chasing me down a hallway. A snake in a dream is supposed to represent feeling threatened. Maybe you have a person in your life who is ruthless or can't be trusted. It can even be a situation that is difficult or threatening and needs to be addressed.

There is a lot of information out there for interpreting your dreams, but I believe many time we know the why behind our dreams. What do you dream about? Careful what you watch or read before going to bed. Sweet dreams...

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