10 Classic Movies Worth Watching Again And Again

10 Classic Movies Worth Watching Again And Again

I love watching old movies. No particular genre, but I am a Hitchcock fan, and think there is just something about watching movies in black and white. Every time I watch an old, classic movie I am fascinated. I am fascinated by the fact that while technology, and fashion, and the way we live have all changed to a large degree, but human nature has stayed the same.

If you look at the list of movies below, you will find the subjects to still be quite relevant. People are still plotting to kill for money, still cheating, still lusting, still jealous of others, and still psycho. Let us briefly discuss each movie below. If you have not seen them, I highly recommend each one.

My Favorite Classic Movies

  • Psycho - This movie is just a great thriller and brings to question nature versus nurture. Poor Norman Bates and his victims.

  • Rear Window - This movie is the classic nosy neighbor. People watching can be fun, and if you watch long enough, you are bound to see something you were not meant to.

  • An Imitation of Life - I cry every time I watch this movie. It's a story of mothers and daughters. Also a story of a mulatto girl who could pass as white and wouldn't accept that she was black.

  • What Ever Happened to Baby Jane - Such a crazy, juicy movie. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford bring it. Apparently, jealousy and envy can drive you insane.

  • The Sound of Music - I love that spunky Maria finds herself, and gets her man. Based on a true story, it's very romantic and sweet, and I love to sing along. Unfortunately, the damn Nazis were growing in power at the same time.

  • Double Indemnity - Ah for the love of money and a good insurance policy. A scheming woman and dumb man.

  • East of Eden - James Dean has a lot of family problems in this classic and falls in love with a girl he should not.

  • A Place in the Sun - Beautiful Montgomery Clift has a case of bad timing and bad judgement. How does one untangle themselves from one relationship to be with the girl of their dreams?

  • Dial M for Murder - Affairs, blackmail, a murder plot, and a large inheritance. What can go wrong? Everything...

  • The Wizard of Oz - I think most people have seen Dorothy's trip to Oz. It's always fun to watch and hard to believe it premiered in 1939.

These are some of my favorite movies. They are good movies, but also timeless. We, as humans are always changing, and evolving, but somehow we are the same as we were 1000 years ago. Still plotting, and coveting, and falling in and out of love and lust.

What are your favorite classic movies? Do any of these make your list? Please share your favorites!

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