5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Life

5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Life

For unknown reasons, people self-sabotage themselves sometimes in life. It is done both consciously, and unconsciously, but never the less it ruins their life and prevents them from finding their happy. I think that many of us have sabotaged ourselves at one point or another in our lifetime. It happens, but doing so will ruin your life if it is reoccurring behavior.

So, I think we all can admit that we have made bad or questionable decisions before, especially in our youth, but it is never too late to turn things around. The first step in preventing self sabotage is recognizing that you are doing it.

The Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Life

Repeating Old Mistakes

You have made mistakes in your past, but you are not learning from them. You keep making bad decisions, deep down knowing that the outcome will not be good, but foolishly hoping things will be different.

Instead of wishful thinking, and hoping the same choices will produce different results, make the hard decision. You are likely picking what is the easiest option for now. Instead, you need to be willing to make the sacrifice now, do what’s difficult, and you will reap the benefits in the long run.

Focusing On The Negative

You frequently give yourself pity parties. The world is not against you. Everyone has their own crap they are trying to deal with. Yes, things will not always go your way, or work out, but that is life. But you cannot spend your time focusing on all the things that went wrong. Try to learn from bad situations, and bad outcomes, create a plan, and move on.

Not Believing In Yourself

You are your own worst enemy, and always your biggest critic. An opportunity comes your way, but you don’t go for it because you do not believe in yourself. You have to get out of you own head, and stop psyching yourself out.

It’s true, you are not perfect, but no one is. You may not ace the test, or get the job, or get the guy, but remind yourself that those are singular events. Getting a B on a test isn’t failure. Not getting the guy you liked just means that he wasn’t meant for you.

Keeping The Wrong People In Your Life

A great way to sabotage yourself is to surround yourself with people who are bad influences. Maybe they are negative, unfocused, or honestly just losers. Either way, you want people in your life with similar goals and morals. You need people in your life who you can look up to, not people who are mentally or emotionally draining.

Being Irresponsible

You know right from wrong. You also know what being on time means. Not paying your bills on time, showing up late to work, and just being plain old unreliable are great ways to sabotage your life. Being irresponsible and unreliable ruins your reputation and stunts your personal growth.

What To Do About It

Old habits are hard to break, but break them you must if you want to see a change in your life. Create a plan, stay focused, and surround yourself with positive, motivated people. Your changes can be small at first, but once you have it in your mind that you want a change, you will find that good things start to happen for you, and your life will be better.

Everything happens for a reason, just don’t let that reason be because you sabotaged yourself.

What are your thoughts on the ways that we sabotage our lives? Do you agree with the list? What is your experience? Please share your story or experience!

“Loving yourself starts with liking yourself, which starts with respecting yourself, which starts with thinking of yourself in positive ways.” - Jerry Corsten

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