What Really Annoys You? You Are Not Alone...Top 10 Annoying Things People Do

What Really Annoys You? You Are Not Alone...Top 10 Annoying Things People Do

In all honestly, I am more easily annoyed by behavior of others than I would like to admit. But in all fairness, I probably do my share of annoying others as well. Truth be told, nails on a chalkboard does not really bother me, but someone talking with food in their will drive me crazy.

I am willing to bet that when you read the title of this of blog some annoying things that people do immediately came to mind. I think there are some universal habits and behaviors that annoy just about everyone. Or maybe I am just knit picky and easily annoyed. You be the judge.

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10 Most Annoying Things People Do

Slow Drivers In Passing Lane

Not that the expectation is that cars should be speeding, but it is extremely annoying and inconsiderate for a driver to be in the passing lane (far left), and driving barely the speed limit. What makes this even worse is that their speed is matching that of the car driving in the slower speed lane, and everyone ends up stuck behind them, for miles sometimes.

Unattended/Or Bad Kids in Restaurants

I am a mother, so I get that kids have their moments, and can be unruly and misbehave at times. However, when I am out trying to have a nice meal, it infuriates me to see kids running around, yelling, and throwing things, and have the parent make no efforts to correct the behaviors. Or worse, the parents are on their phones, or just not paying attention as their child completely disrupts everyone’s meal.

Kids in Adult Movies

All children are different, and varying attention spans, but I never find it appropriate for parents to brings children to Rated R movies. Often the children become disruptive because they are bored since they do not understand the adult content, and struggle to sit quietly for a 2 hour movie.

People Whose Bags Take Up Seats In Public Areas

In many public places there tends to be limited seating. Whether you are at the airport, or the DMV, it never fails that even though there are more people than seats available, people put their bags on seats taking up a spot.

People Who Leave Their Carts In Parking Spots

If you are disabled or dealing with small children by yourself in a parking lot I give you a pass. But for the other people who leave a cart in a parking spot because they are too lazy to take it back to the cart return is just annoying and rude. It’s very frustrating to be looking for parking, think you found and spot, only to turn into it and see a cart sitting there. Ugh!

People Who Talk Loud On Their Cellphones In Public

I don’t think some people realize who much louder their voices get when they are on the phone. Regardless, personal calls in public places are annoying and rude. Whether you are in an elevator, at a doctor’s office, or on a train, there is never an appropriate place to discuss your personal business in the ear shot of strangers.

Holding The Door For Someone When They Are Still Far Away

The intent behind holding the door for someone is good, but sometimes it can get a little weird and awkward. The general rule should be if someone is more than five paces out, just go and do not hold the door. Otherwise people feel the need to hurry now because someone is “politely” holding the door.

Noisy Eaters

People who chew loudly, with their mouths open, and smacking their lips is both annoying and gross. This also in includes slurping, and licking fingers. It can definitely ruin an appetite and a meal.

People Who Don’t Pick Up After Their Dogs

Being a pet owner comes with many responsibilities, and one of them is walking your dog. Usually when you walk your dog, it is going to entail picking up their poop. Unfortunately, far too many people walk their dogs unprepared to pick up after them, or are just to lazy to bother. Either way, it is no treat to see walking trails or sidewalks littered with dog poop, not to mention accidentally stepping in it.

People Who Tailgate Your Car

Tailgaters are just as annoying as slow drivers, but more dangerous. I have no problem moving over for someone who wants to go faster, but tailgating me in heavy traffic when clearly I cannot go any faster is obnoxious and ridiculous.

This list really could go on and on depending on your tolerance threshold for people in general. Do you agree with the list? What annoys you? Please share your experience and opinion!

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