To Be Organic Or Not To Be... Is Buying Organic Worth The Cost?

I must say that the word organic has a nice ring to it. It makes me think natural and healthy but unfortunately also makes me think expensive. The cost of organic fruits and vegetables are nearly double that of the chemically soaked others. So I guess the question is "is it worth it to buy organic?" I think the answer is both yes and no. I saw a news story once that talked about the value both monetary and health wise in buying organic. The story basically said it is worth the cost if you are purchasing fruits with thin skins, such as tomatoes and peaches because the pesticides and chemicals are more likely to penetrate the fruit. But not worth it for the likes of banana or melons with thicker skins.  

I grow my own tomatoes so I guess I am safe there but I also started buying free range, cage free organic eggs. These eggs are nearly triple the price of your typical dozen but I feel good about "possibly" supporting a more humane existence for the chickens. That brings me to my other concern and that is trust. How do we know that these products are truly what they say they are. How do I know these chicken weren't kept in cages and fed hormones and chemically tainted feed. I guess I will never know for certain but I guess I can hope and know that I am always trying to do what is best for my family.

Thoughts? Do you buy organic food? Do you buy other organic materials such as towels and sheets?

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