Saturdays...Do They Make You Miss The Weekdays?

Saturdays...Do They Make You Miss The Weekdays?

My weekdays are crazy with dropping off kids, going to work, picking up kids, cooking dinner, and bath and bedtime rituals. All week long I look forward to the weekend and when it comes I ask myself what exactly was I looking forward to? As a mom with young girls my Saturdays are super busy. I need to squeeze in a workout, both my girls have swimming and dance classes, there's the obligatory family fun time usually to Sea World or the zoo, and hopefully date night with the hubby. 

Don't get me wrong, I love my family and feel unbelievably fortunate, but my Saturdays are exhausting. Rare are the days of sleeping in and silence but I guess I would not have it any other way. Despite my griping this is what I signed up for. Every time I think to complain I remind myself that my girls are growing up fast and before I know it I will have an empty nest.

 I do get to have wonderful Sundays though. A nice cup of coffee, watching the news, chatting with my husband, and relaxing. So I guess my Saturdays are busy but in a good way. And my Sundays are awesome and revitalizing. When I think more about it I would not change a thing.

How are you spending your Saturdays???

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