What's On Your Movie Replay List? Here Are My Top 10...

What's On Your Movie Replay List? Here Are My Top 10...

I am going to be honest, most of the movies on my list would not be deemed "Oscar" worthy. I like them because they are fun, funny, or evoke some emotion that takes me back to a special time, or place in my life. Try not to be too judgy in your assessment of my list. Unless of course you are wiling to share your list as well and be judged. ;-)

Love Actually - I am a romantic at heart. As unrealistic as most of the storylines are, they are still sweet. And of course it's a great Christmas movie.

The Best Man - Umm Morris Chestnut, no other explanation needed.

It's Complicated - I am Meryl Streep fan, but in this particular movies she is almost living my dream life. She lives in a beautiful home in Santa Barbara, with an ocean view and a gorgeous garden. Plus she runs an awesome bakery/cafe. She has a great group of girlfriends, but the only thing missing is a mate. I would want to share that wonder life with someone.

Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion - So dumb it's hilarious. It always makes me think about my high school days. I think many people can relate to this movie in some way. Plus it has great 80's music.

So I Married An Axe Murderer - I start laughing just thinking about this movie. It's hilarious. Just give it a chance.


Lord of the Rings - I don't know what it is about these movies, but if I am puttering around the house on the weekend, one of the LOTR movies is likely to be on in the background in one of the rooms. I mean they are always on TNT or TBS, and they last for hours. 

Harry Potter - HP movies are fun, entertaining, and family friendly. The girls and I can just cuddle up on the sectional, and watch any of the movies on a lazy day.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Who doesn't love Indiana Jones? Well ok Crystal Skull was a bust, but who doesn't love that theme music, and the sound of a whip cracking.

Grease - I know every song to Grease. I think every sleep over I ever went to we sang all of the songs. It's two hours of being silly and singing, maybe even dancing if you know the hand jive.

Inception - I find the concept brilliant, and I love the sound track. Hans Zimmer is amazing. 

So there you have it. The top ten movies I watch the most, in no particular order, mainly because they relax me, or make me laugh. Think about the movies you watch the most. What keeps bringing you back to them?

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