Devious Diets...How Do You Get Your Best Body?

Devious Diets...How Do You Get Your Best Body?

It's that time of year again, or so they say. It is beach body time. Ugh! I will not likely be donning a bikini this summer, but I am working on getting my best body in years. I am not getting any younger, and it is important to make my health and fitness a priority.

When it comes to losing weight, looking good, and getting rid of those dimples, and I am not talking those on your face, it really comes down to diet. I notice an immediate change in my skin, and quite honestly, my thighs when I eat clean. When I say eat clean I mean no sugar, no alcohol, no fried foods, and no processed foods. It sounds difficult, and it is at first, but it is definitely worth the results.   

Eating clean for 30 days quarterly has worked for me. I have slowly lost weight, and continue to do so without ever completely giving up foods that I like, but also not reverting back to old bad habits either. This will not work for everyone, but there are so many option out there, you are bound to find the right fit for you. A warning though, discipline and some self-restraint will be required.

Here are some popular diets....I do not personally endorse any but I eat closest to Paleo:

  • Atkins

  • Paleo

  • Whole 30

  • South Beach

  • Zone

  • Mediterranean

  • Jenny Craig

  • Weight Watchers

  • Raw Food

Also in order to aid in weight loss and tone up that body, exercise is a must. I have knee and back injuries, so running is no longer enjoyable. However, I do not let that stop me from moving. I walk and hike everyday as far as I can with the allotted time in between family responsibilities, weather permitting. Otherwise it's to the gym hitting the elliptical or cycling, which are are back and knee friendly, but also burn tons of calories. I also do the kettle bell, free weights, and plank exercises.

I seemed to have found what works for me. I am not focusing on a number on the scale, at least not completely, but I am focused on how I look and feel. I hope you can find that "something" that works for you as well. I am fortunate in that I live in a very active community. There are plenty of trails and bike lanes. There is not a time I go out when there is not a group of cyclists, joggers, or others walkers out and about as well. It is a motivator. Are you motivated? I hope so!

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