Great Chemistry...Can You Build A Relationship Around An Off The Charts Connection?

Great Chemistry...Can You Build A Relationship Around An Off The Charts Connection?

Chemistry, and I am not referring to the study of matter, means different things to different people. I have chemistry with a lot people. Most people probably wouldn't be in my life for any extended period of time if I didn't have some type of chemistry with them. Whether it is bonding over a shared love of books and music, or connecting with other parents and co-workers, chemistry comes in many forms.

Chemistry is a beautiful thing. In its simplest form it is just a connection with another person. You just click with someone. It isn't necessarily romantic. But great romances start with amazing chemistry, and that is what this blog is about. Recognizing romantic chemistry is easy. Knowing what to do with it can be the challenge.

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The 5 Signs Of Romantic Chemistry...

  • Commonality - Chemistry is bonding and connecting, usually over experiences and interests. You share similar personalities or backgrounds. You laugh at the same things, and are on the same intellectual level.

  • Attraction - You feel a strong physical pull towards each other. You desire this person, and when they are around everyone else fades.

  • Can't Look Away - It's as if they are water and your eyes have been wandering the desert for years. You could stare at them all day, and when your eyes meet it's HOT. Staring into each other's eyes happens frequently when you encounter each other.

  • Can't Stay Away - You want to be near this person as much as possible. Spending time with them is the best feeling imaginable. Being away from them is torment.

  • Never Enough Time - You could be with, talk to, and text with them all day and night, and it still doesn’t feel like enough time. Time flies when you are together, and yet somehow being together makes time come to a complete standstill.

So the question is, if you have  great romantic chemistry will you have a great relationship? I think the answer is, most likely. I believe the foundation of a solid romantic relationship is a good friendship.

They say opposites attract, but opposites may also struggle once the newness of the relationship wears off. That is why commonality plays a major role in any long lasting relationship. If a couple shares mutual interests and enjoy talking and "listening" to one another, it will bode well for a solid future together. 

Be sure not to confuse infatuation with chemistry. Chemistry is truly chemical. Chemistry is two bodies saying we belong together. While infatuation is about feeling passion and fascination for someone. Infatuation by definition is temporary, and either turns to love or fades. Either way, if the infatuation was based on looks or just an admiration of someone so unique or different from oneself, but no real compatibility existed, what are the odds of it lasting?

Is finding that person you have amazing chemistry with the secret to a long, happy relationship? Do you think chemistry matters? Do you think it is important to have similar interests to stay connected? What are your thoughts?

You can't force chemistry to exist where it doesn't in the same way you can't deny it when it does. - Unknown

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