Hot Button Issues...What Topics, If Any, Do You Keep Off The Table With Family And Friends?

Hot Button Issues...What Topics, If Any, Do You Keep Off The Table With Family And Friends?

I have been told many times to never discuss politics and religion because someone is sure to be offended. Pro choice or pro life? I have my opinions, but not particularly interested in going round and round on the topic. How much money people make and social inequalities? Ugh I can get pretty hot discussing this topic real fast. Immigration and War? Nope, not going there.

The crazy thing is I love a good debate, but there are some topics that fall into the realm of “agree to disagree “ Not because I am afraid of confrontation, or getting my feelings hurt. In fact it is nearly the opposite. But do you find that once you know someone’s views on gun rights or control, that you will see them somewhat differently? Yes, you can believe they are good person deep down, but are they really a good person if they feel a certain way about x, y, or z? Or worse yet, you start to view them as a complete idiot, and someone you cannot respect.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and points of view. The purpose of these discussions is to share different points of view, and perhaps offer a different or new perspective. Unfortunately I feel like I have been having these same discussions since my teens, and most people seemed to have drawn their lines in the sand. For those times when you want to not think about the heavy, and avoid the hot button issues, go for the light convo topics.

Here Are Some Less Controversial Topics For Discussion....

  • Sports

  • Education

  • Local News/Events

  • Travel

  • Hobbies

  • Parenting

  • The Opposite Sex/Dating

  • Entertainment/Movies/TV

  • Books/Plays

Don't get me wrong, discuss any and everything that you want with whomever you want. Just be warned that it very well may ruin your lovely dinner party or barbecue. Carefully choose your when, where, and with whom.

I verbally spar all the time with my brother in law about this stuff but I know he can take it, and is not going to get offended. With others I am more cautious, and guarded with my opinions. I may even bite my tongue on the occasion if I sense things could get heated.

So how free are you with your opinions on hot button issues? They call them hot buttons for a reason. Do you push them?

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