Myers Briggs Personality Types...Which One Are You?

Myers Briggs Personality Types...Which One Are You?

I have always believed that everyone is different, and that everyone has their own distinct personality. But how unique are we all really, in regards to personalities? A personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.

Based on Myers Briggs (MB) analysis and studies, there are 16 types of personalities. The foundation is 4 categories, or dichotomies, which is based on Carl Jung's theories. Each individual has a preference in each category. For example, I am an ENTJ. I am an extrovert, who uses intuition, thinking not feelings, and make decisions and move on, which is judging.

Below is the Myers Briggs breakdown of each of the 16 personality types. Use the 4 categories to find your four letter personality code, and read below for personality description.

Extrovert (E) - Outward world focus or Introvert (I) - Focus more inward

Sensing (S) - You take information as received or Intuition (N) - You add meaning and interpret information

Thinking (T) - You make decision based on logic and consistency or Feeling (F) - You make decisions based on people and circumstances

 Judging (J) - You prefer to get things done and make decisions or Perceiving (P) - You prefer to stay open to new information and options

  • ISTJ - Systematic, Organized, Logical, Detailed oriented, Conservative, Decisive

  • ISFJ - Warm, Detailed Oriented, Dependable, Realistic, Practical, Helpful

  • INFJ - Intense, Insightful, Serious, Sensitive, Meaning Oriented, Creative

  • INTJ - Innovative, Insightful, Independent, Determined, Logical, Critical

  • ISTP - Analytical, Logical, Adaptable, Realistic, Adventurous, Independent

  • ISFP - Caring, Compassionate, Idealistic, Loyal, Spontaneous, Patient

  • INFP - Caring, Compassionate, Creative, Adaptable, Idealistic, Inquisitive

  • INTP - Intellectual, Logical, Analytical, Questioning, Complex, Critical

  • ESTP - Pragmatic, Active, Direct, Realistic, Troubleshooter, Adaptable

  • ESFP - Sociable, Friendly, Caring, Observant, Generous, Open

  • ENFP - Imaginative, Energetic, Warm, Caring, Insightful, Optimistic

  • ENTP - Abstract, Energetic, Logical, Analytical, Enthusiastic, Independent

  • ESTJ - Assertive, Active, Logical, Results Oriented, Analytical, Responsible

  • ESFJ - Caring, Enthusiastic, Loyal, Appreciated, Empathetic, Cooperative

  • ENFJ - Enthusiastic, Expressive, Imaginative, Expressive, Idealistic, Insightful

  • ENTJ - Planner, Decisive, Assertive, Critical, Strategic, Logical

The small description I gave of each personality is just that, a small description. There is so much more to each us. MB shows there are some great aspects to each of our personalities, and some not so great aspects. It is important to remember that this breakdown does not determine traits, ability, or character.

As I read through the different personality types, I realize that they all are wonderful in their own way. I am who I am, and I do not plan on changing. I suppose I could be just as happy as an ISFP, which is my complete opposite, but I can also see how a lot of these personalities would clash with one another. All of the types have good qualities, and technically no one personality is better than another.

If there are only 16 personality types, then why aren't people more similar? Besides learning about different personalities, I think MB shows us how character, ability, and traits are what really makes people good, great, or bad.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the MB personality test results and desciptions?

All of the personality type data from this blog originated, and can be found on the website for The Myers & Briggs Foundation.

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