Drunk Shopping...The 5 Signs That You've Been Drunk Shopping

Drunk Shopping...The 5 Signs That You've Been Drunk Shopping

Drunk shopping...the billion dollar industry that no one really talks about. Are you familiar with drunk shopping? I know I had never heard of drunk shopping until a girlfriend of mine mentioned it. Once she explained what it was, I immediately recognized the behavior, and had to know more.

I started researching drunk shopping, and all that it entailed. There is a funny, silly, harmless element to it for most of us, but it is a behavior that can very problematic for others. Drunk shopping is basically the act of making purchases while having had alcoholic beverages. Your inhibitions are lowered, your decision making skills are reduced, and your judgement is poor.

Drunk shopping occurs more frequently with men than women, but many of us have done it at one time or another. It can be as benign as paying for a taxi or Uber to take you from bar to bar when you could have just walked a block over. It can also be as serious as doing a lot of online gambling while under the influence, which can be be very costly.

The 5 Signs Of Drunk Shopping

Unexpected Packages

If packages arrive at your home, and they consist of items you have no memory of purchasing, you were likely drunk shopping. Usually big tickets items, and clothing items are purchased while drunk shopping.

Bank Notifications

If your bank is sending your texts or emails regarding unusual or large purchases you may have been drunk shopping. Of course you want to be sure to check that you are not a victim of identity theft, but if you can track your previous online activity to the purchases, then you know you were the culprit.

Receipts For Unknown Purchases

If you sometimes find receipts in your car, purse, or wallet for food, alcohol, and Uber rides with no memory of the purchases, you were likely drunk shopping. The good thing is that at least you have a record of your purchases, and can call your credit card company if you deem necessary.

Hangover/Upset Stomach After Night Out

After a couple of drinks at your favorite bar, food that didn't appeal to you when you first arrived, suddenly starts to smell and look so good. Before you know if, you are ordering another round of drinks, getting wings, and mozzarella sticks. Overeating, too much drinking, and lots of greasy food may leave you feeling miserable the next day. Not to mention that you spent way more than you planned too.

Lower Bank Balance Than You Thought

You check your bank balance or credit card statements and realize that you have spent way more than you thought. Spending too much money on your debit card or credit card can be addressed by setting limits that prevents over spending on any particular day or location.

If you recognize some of the signs of drunk shopping you are not alone. A study found that Americans are spending over $30 billion a year drunk shopping. Millions of people drunk shop every day, but it is important not to make a habit of this bad behavior. If you receive packages from drunk shopping, return them if you can. Also consider just carrying cash on your nights out to keep a better handle on your spending. Lastly, maybe opt for a movie on Netflix on nights in with your glass of wine, rather than web surfing.

Any experience with drunk shopping? Please share.

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