Shakespeare Love...Which Female Character Best Represents The Way You Love?

Shakespeare Love...Which Female Character Best Represents The Way You Love?

If reading Shakespeare has taught me anything, it is that relationships are hard, life is not fair, and no, things do not always work out in the end. Those stories would fall into the tragedies, but life and relationships can truly be tragic. The great thing is that life can also be full of comedy and laughter as well.

I think by the end of my freshman year of high school I had read nearly every piece of work by William Shakespeare. Every play I read I attempted to identify with a particular character, or at least recognize certain characteristics within myself. I have my favorites, and some that I find extremely unsatisfying or disappointing for a variety of reasons.

The Plays and The Ladies


Lady MacBeth is the wife of MacBeth and she is strong, tough, and an unstoppable force. She believes in her man, even if he doesn't believe in himself, and will not let anyone stand in the way of what she believes is rightfully hers and her man's.

If you love like Lady Macbeth, then you believe in tough love. You are a ride or die chick, and are always team Macbeth. Just remember taunting and emasculating behavior is not the best way to motivate your man. Maybe you are not always right.


Desdemona is a smart woman who speaks her mind, loves being a wife, and loves her man Othello. Desdemona is proud of her military husband and loves the life that they have created together. She loves her man to fault, and even when she realizes he has turned on her, and is going to kill her, she is still on his side. 

If you love like Desdemona, then you are a loyal partner, and you love hard. You can be blind to your lover's faults at times, and only want to see the good in those you love. Be careful with your heart, and be sure that your partner is committed and deserving of your love.

Taming Of The Shrew

Katherine Minola is feisty, spirited, and not exactly wife material for the average man of her times. Kate is perceived to be a tough, ball busting woman, but she is actually very intelligent and thoughtful. Once the right man, her husband Petruchio comes along, Kate is able to let down her guard and be herself.

If you love like Kate, then you are a woman who knows her heart, and her mind, and will not settle for less. You can be tough, but you also have a soft heart, but only those special to you get to see it. Just remember that showing your softer side doesn't make you weak.

Romeo and Juliet

Juliet Capulet is a sweet innocent girl who falls head over heels in love with Romeo, in spite of her families rival with Romeo's family. While Juliet is sweet, she is also strong willed and refuses to marry Paris, the man her parents have chosen for her.

If you love like Juliet, then you are a passionate girl who follows your heart, and damn all of those who dare to try to stand in your way. You are willing to go to the end of the earth for your love, but maybe take it down a notch.

The Tempest

Miranda had been exiled with her father Prospero since she was three years old. Miranda is all that is good. She is a sweet innocent girl who blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Having always been an obedient daughter, Miranda makes the decision to go against her father to free Ferdinand, her love.

If you love like Miranda, then you love with all of your heart. You never want to hurt anyone, or see anyone in pain, but for love you are willing to take risks, and break some rules. Just try not fall in love so fast. He may be the one, but he may not be.

Shakespearean characters are extremely complex, but always fun to analyze and dissect. William Shakespeare wrote these stories in the late 1500s and the early 1600s, but I think we can all still see some similarities in human behavior and relationships in today's society.

We all love differently, which makes life so much more interesting. So which Shakespeare female character best represents the way you love? I was definitely able to pick myself out right away. Please share!

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