The Slow Burn Romantic Chemistry...Hot Or Hot Mess?

The Slow Burn Romantic Chemistry...Hot Or Hot Mess?

I am a total romantic, and nothing gets me better than the slow burn. The slow burn is the unexpected budding of romantic feelings between two people over a period of time. The slow burn relationship usually starts off very platonic, and then like a switch something changes.

The slow burn theme is very common in romance and suspense novels, and television series because the build up, and the "will they, won't they" question creates excitement for the readers and viewers. Plus, there is the correlation to life, and how the slow burn seems to be the recipe for long term happiness, and relationship longevity. 

Slow Burn Romance In Television

  • Mulder/Scully - The X-Files

  • Ross/Demelza - Poldark

  • Any Vampire Series

  • Jack/Kate/Sawyer - Lost

  • Lady Mary/Matthew - Downton Abbey

  • Phryne/Jack - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Epic Slow Burn)

  • Archer/Lana Kane - Archer

  • Rick/Michonne - The Walking Dead

  • Jim/Pam - The Office

As much as the slow burn appeals to many people, the actually consummation seems to be a buzz kill. Many shows lose their steam after the slow burn couple gets together. Is it because the slow burn is fantasy and romantic, but with a relationship comes struggles. But can some of the relationship pitfalls and struggles be avoided if the transition from crushes to lovers is handled carefully?

The slow burn is special because the foundation of the relationship is not based on appearance or sex, but genuine fondness and chemistry that grew into more. The scary thing, and the undeniable hotness about the slow burn, is the build up. The build up of wanting more, and wanting each other.

Over time, the desire for things to be out in the open is there, but there is also an element of fear.  A fear that maybe you will not live up to each other’s fantasies. A fear that you will be disappointed, or even worse, that you will disappoint them. Highly unlikely with the slow burn chemistry, but still a very realistic fear.

I have had experience with a slow burn, and I would use three words to describe the feelings: complicated, intense, giddy. It catches you by surprise, and then it becomes all you can think about. I truly believe the slow burn never goes out. It may not always burn with the same intensity as it did when first ignited, but depending on those involved, I firmly believe the smolder is there to stay.

What are your thoughts on the slow burn? Any slow burn experience? If so, did you go for it or stay put? Please share your story or experience!

“Hard to sit here and be close to you, and not kiss you.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald

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