6 Behaviors That Push People Away

6 Behaviors That Push People Away

No one is perfect. I think most of us do not expect perfection from the people in our lives, however there are just behaviors that can make people intolerable. There are some behaviors that are toxic and makes us cut people of our lives.

As we grow and change, we can become better versions of ourselves. Recognizing bad traits in ourselves is one way to achieve self-improvement and not push the people we care about way.

6 Behaviors That Push People Away



Many of us have had friends or family members who we wouldn’t exactly call truth tellers. But no one really wants to deal with a liar. Trust is very important to relationships, and no one wants people in their lives who they cannot trust. If you lie a lot then you are not trustworthy, and will find you struggle with keeping friends and loves in your life.



There is nothing wrong with healthy competition, with the purpose of fun and good intentions. One-upmanship is not healthy or with good intentions. If you have to always outdo your friends, family, and even your mate, it shows you are insecure, selfish, and kind of a jerk.

Always having to be the center of attention and steal the limelight will push people away. Who wants a person on their life who can never root for them or just be happy for them? No one, that’s who.

Being Flaky


The classic, flaky unreliable friend is someone we are all too familiar with. The flaky friend loves to make promises and commitments that they seem to never have any intentions of keeping. This is the friend that always gets you excited about plans of a outing or trip and then changes their mind in the blink of an eye.

Being Moody


So I am not saying you’re crazy, but your friends and family never know what version of you they are going to get, or when you mood will dramatically change. This unpredictability is very off putting to people. You’re cool and fun one minute and then something sets you off and you become a raging butthead, or a hysterical puddle of tears.

Being Untrustworthy

Commitment Issues.jpeg

Betrayal is a feeling that many people cannot get past, and honestly why should they. You keep secrets from them, talk bad about them behind their back, or worse you even plot against. Whether it’s jealously, a hidden resentment, or a frenemy situation, you betray them by not being truthful about your feelings to their face.

Being Selfish


If you only care about yourself it will be really evident to those in your life. When the relationships in your life have to be on your terms, it will eventually push people away.

If you find that you have a revolving door of friends and boyfriends or girlfriends, then you are probably doing some of the behaviors I address in this blog. Once you become aware, you can change, if you want to.

What are your thoughts on behaviors that push people away? Do you agree with my list? Please share your thoughts and experience!

“Practice self-awareness, self-evaluation, and self-improvement. If we are aware that our manners - language, behavior, and actions - are measured against our values and principles, we are able to more easily embody the philosophy, leadership is a matter of how to be, not how to do. “ - Frances Hesselbein

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