7 Signs He’s Definitely Interested In You...

7 Signs He’s Definitely Interested In You...

We have all been there. It can be both exciting, and torturous all at the same time trying to figure out if a guy is interested in you romantically. You try to decipher if he likes you just as a friend, or if there is a possibility of more. His lack of confession may be confusing, and seem like he playing games. 

Take comfort that it is not always about playing games or being a player. Just like women, men want to protect their egos and their hearts too. He wants to know how you feel before he puts himself out there. But as much as he may try to hide it, there are some definite signs that he has feelings for you, and is interested.

7 Signs He's Interested

The Way He Looks At You - A guy who is interested will lock eyes with you a lot. I call it the love gaze. He cannot help himself. And it's not just about the eye contact itself, but the look in his eyes. His desire for you, and his happiness to be in your presence is difficult for him to hide. Check for dilated pupils. When someone is looking at someone they are interested in their pupils dilate.

The eyes truly are windows to the soul. An interested man's eyes will beam at you. Pay attention to the way he looks at you versus how he looks at everyone else. The difference will be obvious, even if he tries to mask it.

The Way He Remembers - When a man is interested he pays attention. He will remember your favorite food, your favorite color, and of course your birthday. He will even remember your allergies, and pet peeves if you have mentioned them. He wants to know everything about you. The more he knows about you, the better chance he will have of winning you over.

We tend to remember what we care about. Sure, he may just have a great memory, but we all data dump useless information. Your guys knows your likes and dislikes because you are important to him.

He Let’s You Vent - Guys generally dislike drama and long conversations, especially via text and over the phone. But if a guy is willing to let you vent to him, he may be a keeper. Not only does he let you vent, but he tries to come up with solutions for your problems, and to cheer you up. A fella doing all of this is probably already in love.

The foundation of any good relationship is a strong friendship. A guy who is willing to listen to your frustrations, is a guy who is demonstrating that he can be there for you as a friend, and maybe more as well.

His Body LanguageA guy's body language can tell you almost everything you want to know, without him having to say a word. He may show that he is nervous by being fidgety in your presence. Your guy's nervousness is because he cares about what you think of him. He may also be smiling really big, which is telling you that he is happy to see you.

Take a look at where he looks when something funny happens and you are in a group setting. Does he look to you first? If yes, he feels closest to you than any other person in the room. Also notice where is feet are point in group setting. Is he facing your direction? His feet point towards where he wants to look. He want to keep you in his line of sight.

The Time and Effort He Gives You - We are all busy, and our time is valuable. So a guy who is willing to make time for you is showing you how important you are to him. Whether it is giving you a ride to the airport, or helping you with a school or work project, he is showing you that you mean something to him. 

We make time for what is important to us. If he is interested, he will make the time and effort to see you. And if he is unable to see you, he will find a way to communicate with you to let you know you are on his mind.

He Asks About Your Day - This goes hand in hand with letting you vent. When a man asks you about your day, he is telling you he cares. He wants to know what is going on in your life, because he wants to be part of it.

Asking about your day is a big deal. He knows it can lead to a long conversation, and possible venting, and he's okay with that because you are a priority to him.

Your Gut Feeling - Even though we sometimes play coy or oblivious, we are usually aware deep down when someone is romantically interested. If he seems interested, then he probably is interested. You can either give him time to make his move, or you can take the lead. 

Yes, guys can be confusing at times, and almost seem wishy washy. But just remember, just as you are trying to figure out how he feels about you, he is doing the same with you. Someone has to be willing to put themselves out there if anything is to ever happen.

Now you know the signs to look for in your crush. Is he interested? What are your thoughts? What other signs do you look for?

"The extreme form of passionate love is secret love." - Japanese Proverb

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