Relationship Communication 101

Relationship Communication 101

Do you know what the root cause of most relationship problems stem from? For many, the first thoughts that come to mind are finances or infidelity, which do cause relationships issues. But are cheating and financial disagreements the cause or the symptom of a bigger issue?

Good communication is key to maintaining a healthy relationship, but being able to communicate effectively with your partner is easier said than done. You can have disagreements and heated debates and still be communicating effectively. In fact disagreements are healthy because it forces us to discuss our feelings and get everything out in the open.

Do not fool yourself into thinking that because you never disagree or argue with your partner that you have a healthy relationship because in fact, the experts would say that this is a not a sign of a thriving relationship, but of one lacking in trust, mutual respect, and authenticity.


Poor or no communication in a relationship can cause a lot of stress, anxiety, resentment, and bad decisions to be made.

Do’s For Communicating With Your Partner

  • Do Be Honest

  • Do Listen Without Interrupting

  • Do Be Receptive

  • Do Be Kind

  • Do Control Yourself

Don’ts For Communicating With Your Partner

  • Don’t Yell

  • Don’t Speak Disrespectfully

  • Don’t Belittle

  • Don’t Use Sarcasm

  • Don’t Try To Control Their Response

When communicating with your partner you should always try to see their point of view, and focus less on proving your point. At the end of the day, no one wins if one of you is unhappy and feels unheard.

How you communicate with your partner can make or break your relationship. And break doesn’t necessarily mean breaking up. It just mean having a miserable partner who withdraws from you. Just remember that it’s okay to fight, but you need to fight fair.

What are your thoughts on communicating in a relationship? Do you agree with my do’s and don’ts? What would you add or remove from the list? Please share your thoughts and experience!

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” - Tony Robbins

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