5 Signs He’s Just Your Type...The Reasons You Go For The Same Guys

5 Signs He’s Just Your Type...The Reasons You Go For The Same Guys

Break ups are tough, and after each one we swear to ourselves we are never doing that again. We will never go for that type of guy ever again. Makes sense, right? Your last relationship didn’t work out and you were left heartbroken. You are not swearing off men altogether, but you promise yourself the next guy will be completely different than guys from your past.

You promised yourself things would be different in your next relationship, but at some point it started to feel like groundhog day. It feels as if you are having the same relationships over and over again. But why, you ask yourself? He seemed different, but was he really?

Believe it or not, we all have a type. And try as we might, we are just innately drawn to certain people. When we try to venture into a relationship with someone out of the norm it just doesn’t feel right. Something feels off. You can force the relationship of course, and hope for a different outcome, but it will not necessarily be better, just different.

5 Signs He’s Your Type


Strong Physical Attraction


You know he’s your type when you find yourself extremely attracted to him. Whether your type is tall, with green eyes, and black wavy hair, or bald with caramel skin and an amazing ass, there is a man whose looks makes you go weak in the knees.

Amazing Chemistry


Chemistry is just off the charts with some people, and is especially amazing with guys who are your type. Chemistry happens naturally between two people. Romantic chemistry is an intense connection you will feel with the right person.

You Get Each Other


Maybe you’re a little weird or quirky, and he’s a standoffish and introverted but it doesn’t matter because you both just get each other. What others find odd or annoying, you two find endearing and cute. You get the same jokes and have the same sense of humor. You can communicate with just a look.

Just Feels Right


We can try to be open and get out of our comfort zone to date others who are not really our type, but something will always feel off. When we our true to ourselves and date our type we feel more at ease and happier in the relationship. Being with your type feels like “home”. It feels like you are where you belong.

Unexplainable Pull To Each Other


The reality is that we are just more compatible with some people than others. We find some people more attractive than others on both physical and mental levels. In many ways it’s unexplainable why we like who we like, and who we are drawn to. It’s unexplainable, but the feeling is everything.

As people, we evolve and change and so does our taste and types we are attracted to some degree. If you had a thing for bad boys in your teens, you may still like men who have a little bit of a rebel in them but you can also want someone reliable and mature.

What are your thoughts on having a type? Has the type of men you go for evolved over time or stayed the same? Please share your thoughts and experience!

“I get so breathless, when you call my name. I've often wondered, do you feel the same? There's a chemistry, energy, a synchronicity, when we're all alone.” ― Corinne Bailey Rae

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