5 Signs You Are Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

5 Signs You Are Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

We all know these people, perhaps maybe you are one of them. Amazing people, who make bad relationship choice, after bad relationship choice. The friends and family members, who are either head over heels in love, or miserable and depressed because they had another relationship failure, and cannot bear the thought of being alone.

If you want love, and a long lasting relationship, but cannot seem to ever make it happen, you may be looking for long in the wrong places.

5 Signs You’re Looking For love In All The Wrong Places

Always Getting Ghosted

You thought things were going great, and that you were really going somewhere with this new relationship, until he stopped taking your calls, or returning your text.

Lots Of One Night Stands

You seem to never lack for male companionship, and by companionship I mean sex. Which is fine if the that’s all you’re interested in. But one nightstands or random hook ups are not likely to lead to long lasting relationships.

Lots Of Failed Relationships

You have had a lot of relationships, but they never seem to work out. You enter the relationship with high hopes, always believing this is the one. But something always seems off, things go wrong, and you are usually left feeling disappointed.

Lots Of Drama In Relationships

When a relationship there seems to be non stop drama. The drama may be due to you picking the wrong one, trying to force what isn’t meant to be, or just sabotaging the relationship. Either way, the relationships always seems to be emotional rollercoasters.

Feel incomplete When Single

You hate being single. Instead of using your singledom to have fun with friends, recharge, and figure out what you really want from a partner and in a relationship, you spend the whole time desperately trying to find another partner and relationship.

As the saying goes, “if you are unhappy single, you will be unhappy in a relationship…eventually”. Happiness comes from within, and a partner or relationship should add to it, not be the sole reason for it. What are your thoughts on looking for love? Do agree with my signs? Please share your thoughts and experenece!

“If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.” - Unknown

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