5 Signs You Don’t Trust Him

5 Signs You Don’t Trust Him

Trust, or lack there of can make or break a relationship. Trust has to be earned, and once lost it is very difficult to get it back. Once you start to distrust your partner, your relationship starts to feel off as you wait with impending doom. You see them differently and interact with him differently.

Your lack of trust for your man may be due to a past betrayal on his part, your own personal insecurities, or just a gut feeling. If you are dating or married to a liar or a cheater then you expect to play detective to some degree throughout the life of your relationship. But if past relationships or insecurities are creating distrust of your man that is not fair to him.

5 Signs You Don’t Trust Him


You Check His Phone


The minute he heads to the shower or falls asleep you are trying to get a peek at his phone. His phone is never far from him, so your suspicion that he is hiding something is always there. If you are snooping on your man’s phone when he is not around, that is a big violation of his privacy, but also indicative that you do not trust him.

You Get Clingy

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You feel uneasy when apart from him. You worry what he is doing and who he’s with when away from you. So you become super clingy, wanting to be with him all the time. Unfortunately this is a turn off and usual backfires making him want to spend more time away from you.

You Interrogate

You are always trying to verify his stories and catch him in a lie. You directly or subtly ask him questions about he’s been, where he’s going, and who was he talking to. If you truly trust him, you will not feel the need to know his every move. But if you do not trust him you will feel paranoid about what he’s doing behind your back.

You Analyze

You are always looking for clues and evidence of betrayal. Every word that comes out of his mouth is scrutinized. You note his every move hoping, and also you don’t, catch him in a lie. It is always there just under the surface, which makes it hard sometimes to enjoy your time together.

You Check His Social Media

You are snooping on his Facebook account. You check to see who he has direct messaged on Instagram, and you want to know whose pictures he is liking. All signs that you don’t trust him.

It is an awful feeling to be with someone you do not trust, and just as terrible a feeling to not be trusted. If you are doing the behaviors listed in this blog you need to ask yourself why, and then deal with it. Either you have trust issues that you need to work out, or you are with the wrong person.

What do you do when you are having trust issues in your relationship? Do you agree with the signs of you not trusting him? Please share your thought and feelings on lack of trust in a relationship!

“Distrust is like a vicious fire that keeps going and going, even put out, it will reignite itself, devouring the good with the bad, and still feeding on empty.”  ― Anthony Liccione

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