The Importance Of Passion In Relationships

The Importance Of Passion In Relationships

Passion is defined as intense, driving, or overmastering of feeling or conviction. Passion is ardent love. Passion is most certainly present in courtships. Passion is shown in that crazy desire to see each other, and to be together all of the time in the early stages of relationships.

Passion is shown in hot kisses, and intense sex, but passion is not love. Love is the most important element for a good relationship, but without passion can it truly be a happy union? I do not believe so, but we all set our own standards for what makes a good, healthy relationship.

The Importance of Passion

The argument could be made that passion fades over time in a relationship, and that the fading is not necessarily a bad thing. Over the course of a relationship, as you really get to know one another, you communicate more effectively, and understand each other better. Better communication will reduce disagreements, however, not every discussion is the same or equal.

Hopefully you and your partner can have passionate discussions about books, movies, and even politics. Two people with their own thoughts, and opinions, disagreeing respectfully, but keeping the everyday fun and interesting, makes life more exciting. Otherwise what do you have? I suppose just two people going through life together, waiting for death.

Signs Of Passion In Relationship

  • You Long For and Miss Each Other When Apart

  • Great Sex

  • You Inspire Each Other

  • You Want To Spend Time Together

  • Opinionated Conversations and Occasional Intense Discussions

Signs Of No Passion In Relationship

  • No Sex

  • Boring, Mechanical Sex

  • No Disagreements

  • Nothing To Talk About

  • Not Excited About Each Other

What To Do

What you do about the lack of passion in your relationship depends on how you got to this place, and how you feel about the need for passion in your relationship. Did you marry someone who was always kind of boring, and with no fire, and thought they would somehow change? Or was the relationship once hot and intense, and has slowly fizzled out?

There are things you can do if you want to bring back the passion to your relationship. There is a lot of advice out there, and some will work and some will not. It all depends on the people involved, how committed they are to fixing the lack of passion, and the starting levels of passion in the beginning of the relationship

My advice is to keep is simple. Put down the devices. Go on a date night. Discuss everything, including your sexual fantasies. If the thought of discussing sexual fantasies with your partner makes you uncomfortable, then that may also be why there is a passion problem. There are great self- help books on market, and last but not least there is couples counseling.

What are your thoughts on the importance of passion in a relationship? Passion in a relationship is not just about sex, it is about an overall feeling and desire towards your partner, and each other. Do you think one can have a happy, fulfilling relationship without passion? Please share your story or experience!

“Does your relationship match your sensuality? If it doesn't, you've settled.” - Lebo Grand

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