Simple Ways To Read His Body Language

Simple Ways To Read His Body Language

Ok, so technically I am no body language expert, but I find it interesting and have done lots of reading on the topic. I feel pretty confident in my abilities to regurgitate, I mean share, the the info I found.

I believe if we are honest with ourselves we can admit that we spend quite a bit of time hiding our true thoughts and feelings. We hide our annoyance when we are in the check out line behind someone paying with a check, or how much we dislike our boss, or even how much we like the new guy or girl at work.

I bet you think you have it all figured out, right? You play it cool and try keep your face emotionless when your jerk boss tasks you with something they should be doing. Or the girl you are crushing on is sitting across from you in a meeting. How do you hide your feelings? You can't, not if your boss or crush know how to read body language.

I have an expressive face so my irritation, anger, and annoyance are rarely disguised. I think I am much better at hiding my other thoughts and feelings. I hide my fear and anxiety really well. I have also been really good at hiding my attraction for certain men in the past. At least I think so.

Experts would say I had telltale signs that gave me away, of course if they knew what to look for. The eyes say it all. They will dilate to take in more of the one they are attracted to.

There is no all encompassing list of signs your body will exhibit with any one particular emotion, but the below lists have been shown to accurately predict ones true intent or feelings.

Here are signs you might exhibit if you dislike someone:

  • Not facing them when they talk to you

  • False smiles

  • Very little eye contact

  • Keeping a large distance

  • Yawning

  • Side stepping while talking to them (you want to leave)

  • Touching your nose

Here are signs you might be angry or hostile:

  • Balled fists

  • Pupil contraction

  • Running fingers through hair

  • Compressed or whitened lips

  • Crossing arms

  • Rapid speech

  • Intense glare

  • Shaking

  • Redness in face

Here are some signs you might exhibit if in the presence of someone you are crushing on or secretly in love with:

  • Lots of eye contact

  • Mirroring behavior

  • Gesture on appearance such as fixing tie, socks, or hair

  • Great posture, straightens up when in their presence

  • Is fidgety, and plays with things such as buttons or a pen

  • Touches face a lot out of nervousness

  • Plays with round objects in presence (this one is about sexual attraction and breasts)

  • Dilated eyes because they like what they are looking at

  • Feet point towards them, in order to keep them in your line of sight

Feeling vulnerable yet? I am. We all wear masks sometimes, often in the workplace. But our bodies betray us because research shows that whatever we are feeling shows up on our body first, not our conscious mind. Once our mind becomes aware we can put on that fake smile or look of interest. Don't worry, sometimes people need to know how you really feel.

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