5 Reasons Why You're Bad At Love

5 Reasons Why You're Bad At Love

Some people are just bad at love. You love the idea of love, but cannot seem to ever get it right. Is that just who you are? Maybe. Are you destined to be alone or just float from relationship to relationship? Possibly. But it is also possible that you get wrong because you are not ready or make a series of bad choices.

Being bad at love doesn’t have to be a permanent situation. We all grow and change with time. If you want to find lasting love and have healthy relationships, you will need to identify why your other relationships didn’t work. You are bad at love for a reason.

5 Reasons Why You’re Bad At Love


You are not emotionally mature enough to have a healthy relationship. It takes maturity to respect differences of opinion, and to respect boundaries in a relationship. Relationships can be challenging at times, and being able to communicate calmly, openly, and respectfully is a must.

Had Bad Examples Growing Up

Whether you grew up in a broken home, or with two parents who didn’t love or respect one another, you did not have good examples of healthy relationships. If growing up you didn’t see healthy, loving relationships in your home or in your life, it can be challenging, though not impossible, to know what it takes to have good relationships.

Choose The Wrong People

You choose the wrong people. You choose partners based on looks, status, for how great they are on paper, and for how good you two look together. Instead, you should be choosing partners by your commonality, chemistry, and shared life goals, values, and interests.

You’re Selfish

Relationships are about sharing and compromise. Your priority is you, and you have trouble ever putting someone else first. To be a selfish or a giving person is a conscious choice. Of all the signs, this is the easiest to control and to change.

Your Genetic Makeup

This may surprise you but some people are genetically programmed to be bad at love. Scientists have found that your genes determine how well your body regulates oxytocin, which controls our behaviors, our ability to love, and how attached we become to others. Your genes also determine your ability to be an emotionally supportive partner, which is a must for a long lasting relationship.

Your past doesn’t dictate your future. Just because you have a history of being bad at love does not mean it will always be that way. Know the signs, take your time, and choose your mate wisely. If you want it, you can have an amazing relationship.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the 5 signs? Are you bad at love? Please share your thoughts and experience!

“I loved myself and since I loved me, I loved him because I realized he was good for me. A type of self worth, a type of narcissistic love.” ― Dominic Riccitello

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