7 Signs He’s A Really Good Guy

7 Signs He’s A Really Good Guy

Far too often men get a bad rap as being dogs, but fortunately there are many good men out there. They are not myths, or unicorns, and are not all taken, but maybe, just maybe, we tend to look in the wrong places. And unfortunately on occasion, we completely overlook the really good guy who is right in front of us.

I get it, sometimes the good guy in your life is a guy you have zero interest in. Fair enough, but just be sure that your dream guy wish list is realistic, and doesn't prioritize external qualities, over character and values. Otherwise, you may have buyer's remorse.

If I am being completely honest, in my younger years my dream guy wish list always consisted of hot guys, who were smart, funny, and fun. The good guy part was never on the list, I guess because I naively assumed that my funny, hot guy would also be a good man. I quickly learned that while a man can possess all of these magnificent qualities, I also learned that a pretty face can often hide an ugly heart.

7 Signs Of A Really Good Guy


He Respects Women


A good man treats women with respect. He does not refer to them in derogatory terms. A good man does not abuse women. And the biggie is that a good man does not see women as less than him because they are females.

He Is Dependable

A good man is a man you can count on. He is reliable and dependable, and always there for you. He is also there for other important people in his life as well. He is a dependable friend, son, brother, and co-worker too.

Ann Taylor

He Is Honest

A good man values honesty in a relationship, and recognizes the importance that it goes both ways. He is comfortable opening up and being honest with you, and he creates a "safe" environment for you to do the same.

He Is Kind

A good man shows his kindness, or lack there of, in the way he treats people, including you. He does not speak to you in a disrespectful manner, he does not put you down, and he does not hurt your feelings intentionally.

He Is Supportive


A supportive man is not threatened or jealous of your success, but instead wants to see you achieve your goals and dreams. He encourages you, offers advice when needed, and makes you feel like he is always team you.

He Is Caring

If a man is caring, he is comfortable showing his affection for you. Getting him to give you a hug, or tell you how much you mean to him should not be like pulling teeth. If he cannot show affection or seems cold and uncaring, you are likely dealing with an emotionally unavailable man.

He Is Trustworthy

A good man is trustworthy. He will work hard to earn your trust, and prove to you that he is worthy of your love. He earns your trust by keeping his word, and by being honest even when it means telling you something you do not want to hear.

There are more than a few good men out there if you know what to look for. It is all a matter of you deciding that a good man is what you want and not settling for less. Do you prefer a good man or a bad boy? What is your experience with finding good men? Do you think it is it hard to find a good man? Please share your experience!

"Women with low self-esteem love bad boys. Women who have work to do love bad boys. Women who love themselves love good men." - Tracy McMillan

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