10 Signs Of A No Good Man...Do Not Ignore Them

10 Signs Of A No Good Man...Do Not Ignore Them

There are many good men in this world, just perhaps not enough to go around. I have been fortunate these past 20 years to see an example of a really good man. I have honed my skills, and can recognize the no good man much more quickly nowadays, but that wasn’t always the case for me.

In my early twenties I fell hard for a no good man. Today I look back on that relationship, and smile because I learned so much from it. I would describe him as a very handsome con artist. I overlooked red flags far too long, and doubted my inner voice. He was a cheater and a liar, and I was young and naive. But one day I woke up, and it was like a spell had been broken. I saw him for who he really was, and finally was strong enough to be free of him. Fortunately, I was not foolish, or desperate enough to marry him, or have children with him. But we were engaged for a period of time.

That relationship in my early twenties changed me, and I said never again. I learned my lesson, became more guarded, and demanded a certain level of treatment from future partners. I share my PG stories with young women in my life, in hopes of saving them "some" heartache. Heartbreak is inevitable, but there are some ways to avoid the no good man and not get conned.

Here Are The 10 Signs I Say To Look For In A No Good Man...

  1. Your Friends and Family Do Not Like Him - Love makes us blind and we tend to overlook, make excuses for, and block out all of our loves’ faults. This one is a huge red flag.

  2. Lying - You catch him in lies, or his stories are inconsistent. He is not a trust worthy individual.

  3. Controlling - A man who tries to control you does not respect you, but wants to own you. He tells you who to be friends with, how to act, and even what to say. Controlling men are very insecure.

  4. Rumors Follow Him - A man who constantly has negative “press” is a man who is likely up to no good. There is some truth to what has been said about him.

  5. Something Seems Off - He seems wonderful, nearly perfect for you, but if something feels off about him then there probably is. Trust your gut.

  6. Doesn't Keep His Word - A man with empty promises, or no follow through is no good. He is all talk.

  7. Unreliable - He doesn’t show up when he says he will, or is not available or there when you need him.

  8. No Friends - Be very wary of a man who cannot make, or keep friends. This guy will be very clingy, and try to keep you all to himself.

  9. He Values Things Over People - This is a man whose value system is really screwed up. He puts importance on labels, expensive things, and he is a braggart.

  10. He Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself - If he makes you feel bad about your clothes, your looks, your intelligence, or your cooking, he is no good. He should lift you up, not bring you down .

This list is not all inclusive, and the no good man does not need meet all of these signs. Ultimately we all have to decide if he is "no good". I think it goes without saying that a man who is physically aggressive, or violent towards you is no good. Violence aside, it is up to the individual to decide what they are willing to accept.

 For me, trust is everything. I  know that when I really care about someone as a person, I only want to see the good in them. I still have blind spots for people close to me, so I always have to ask myself if I am ignoring red flags. Are you ignoring red flags with someone?

A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle. - Benjamin Franklin

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