5 Signs He May Be The One...And Why You Need To Explore The Possibilities

5 Signs He May Be The One...And Why You Need To Explore The Possibilities

I have always been reluctant to refer to a man in my life as "the one”. Being the one comes with a lot pressure, expectations, and the huge opportunity for failure. None of us want to fail, and we sure do not want to feel like we are letting someone down.

Having said all of that, I actually do believe in "the one". I am not sure when my opinion changed on this particular subject, and I make no promises that it won’t change again, but I do believe in the one.  Now, this doesn’t mean that I think being with the one automatically guarantees your happily ever after.

Timing is everything. You and the one you are truly meant to be with have to come together at the right time in your lives for the magic to happen, and you have to continue to fan the flames to keep your fire going.

The 5 Signs He May Be The One

Amazing Chemistry

I am a big believer that great chemistry is the key component to a great relationship. If you have great chemistry, chances are you share similar interests, similar backgrounds, and similar values and life views. When there is amazing chemistry, in addition to your commonality, you also tend to have a strong attraction on a mental, physical, and emotional level.

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Can't Stop Thinking About Him


When apart, he is never far from your mind. Your mind wonders frequently, and you often day dream about him. You wonder what he is doing, is he missing you too, and if you are thinking about each other at the same time. It feels like torture because everything reminds you of him. His cute smile, his sexy voice, and most of all the way he looks at you. 

The Way You Feel When With Him


When you are with him you feel happy, excited, and safe. There is an affect his presence has on you. When you see him or are with him, you feel giddy, and have butterflies in your stomach. You also feel safe. He knows you, he understands you, and he accepts you, flaws and all. There is no judgment, just support and good advice when needed.

He Listens To You

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Whether you are venting or talking about your life's dreams, he listens. He listens because he cares. He listens because your thoughts and feelings matter. He is willing to sit quietly and listen, or offer advice when requested. Either way, he is reassuring and supportive, and somehow always makes you feel better.

He Remembers


He remembers what you say because he actually listens to you. He remembers your favorite places, your favorite movie, and of course your birthday. Not only does he remember, but he does and says thoughtful things based on his knowledge of you. We tend to remember what matters most to us. 

There are no guarantees in life, so a relationship with the “one” may not work out. But isn’t it worth a shot? The possibilities for a wonderful life with someone who truly gets and understands you is worth the risk of possible disappointment and heartbreak.

If you have found the one and you are not in a relationship with them currently, make it happen. Be brave, make your feelings known, and let what is meant to be “be”. If you are already in a relationship with the “one” don’t let the fire go out. 

What are your thoughts on "the one”? Have you found him yet? Did you find him and it not work out? Please share!

"True love cannot be found where is does not exist, nor can it be denied where it does." - Torquato Tasso -t

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