Breadcrumbing...Crueler Than A Breakup On A Post It

Breadcrumbing...Crueler Than A Breakup On A Post It

You may or may not have heard the term breadcrumbing. Breadcrumbing is more commonly known as stringing along. Stringing another person along is a cruel and selfish act often found in faux relationships.

Faux relationships are just what you think they are. They are fake. Faux relationship are not real, at least to one of the people in the relationship.

The term breadcrumbing means to offer a little bit of attention and affection here and there to keep someone coming back, without giving them what they really want. In the case of relationships, you may want someone’s love, time, or a commitment, and they offer just enough of themselves to make you think there is hope of a future together.

In order to breadcrumb someone, the breadcrumber may hang out with their target occasionally, and give a booty call here or there, making them hope there is more to the faux relationship. All the while they are keeping them as a backup plan.

If you are unsure if someone is breadcrumbing you, this blog will help you recognize the signs

4 Signs Of Breadcrumbing


Ghosts You A Lot


When someone is breadcrumbing they tend to drop in and out of your life a lot. They will go long periods of time without seeing you, texting you, and responding to your call or texts.

Won’t Define Relationship

You have no idea if you are lovers, a couple, or just friends. When you ask them how they feel about you, or try to get them to define your relationship, they dodge the question.


Won’t Let You End It


You realize that they never have any intentions of committing to you or formalizing your relationship in any way so you pull away. You cut off contact with them, and start seeing other people and moving on. Just when you are fine with letting them go, here they come wooing you once again.

Caring Then Distant

Breadcrumbing 2.jpeg

Once they realize they are losing you, and that your feelings may be changing, they start to give you all the affection and attention you had been craving. They sucker you back in. Once they think they have you back, they suddenly they become distant or disappear again.

Breadcrumbers are selfish, insecure people who will string you along for as long as you allow it. They count on you falling for their manipulations. But remember this, a breadcrumber actually needs you more than you need them. You are a security blanket and a back up plan for them. They are sad people, but don’t allow them to use you and take advantage of your heart for their own selfish purposes.

What are your thoughts on breadcrumbers? Do you have experience with stringing someone along on being strung along by someone? Please share your thoughts and experience!

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