Physical Attraction VS Mental Connection...Are They Equally Important?

Physical Attraction VS Mental Connection...Are They Equally Important?

It is not usual for someone to see a person, and instantly have a mental connection with them. Most people are visual, so physical attraction is often what piques our romantic, or sexual interest in another person. Physical attraction often comes first, but there are times when a mental connection can happen almost instantly, or so I have been told.

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Mental connections can occasionally be confused with strong physical attractions. You can desire a person so much that you create a mental and emotional connection in your mind that really doesn’t exist. Once the sexual act occurs, or the attraction wears off, the mental connection “suddenly” leaves.

Physical attractions are honestly an everyday occurrence. There are attractive people everywhere, but good luck finding a deep mental connection with someone. They are rare, and they are special.

Physical Attraction


Physical attraction is based on physical appearance, and how attractive you find another person. Physical attraction is about a pretty or handsome face, or a nice figure or sexy body. You desire them. You want them. You like the sound of their voice, the way they move their body, and even the way they smell.

Signs Of Physical Attraction

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  • Big Smiles

  • Nervousness

  • Grooming

  • Touching

  • Mirroring Behavior

  • Lots Of Eye Contact

Mental Connection

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Mental connection is not mutually exclusive from physical attraction, but it is so much more. A mental connection is about shared interests, similar intellect, and chemistry. You get one another, and just click.

Mentally you feel close to them, and you have a quiet, unspoken understanding about many things. You can communicate with your eyes, because with your mental connection, you often know what the other person is thinking or feeling.

Signs Of A Mental Connection

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  • Conversation Is Effortless

  • You’re Comfortable Being Yourself With Each Other

  • You Can Read Each Other

  • There Is An Intensity To The Relationship

  • You Feel In Sync With One Another

  • You Share A Powerful Mutual Respect

Which Is Better?

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Physical attraction is important, and the importance of being physically attracted to your partner should not be discounted. However, the challenge with physical attraction is the inevitable change of physical appearance over time.

We all age, and gravity will wreak some havoc on the body. If a relationship was primarily based on physical attraction, then the partners will surely become dissatisfied in the long run.

Mental connections usually take time to flesh out. A mental connection is not noticed from across the room, and usually happens only after interactions, and getting to know someone. It should be noted that a mental connection may also be realized after just one conversation.

In my opinion, mental connections win every time. Physical attraction is important, but looks fade. Also I have found that how I felt about someone as a person directly affected how I viewed their attractiveness.

I have met men in the past, and at the initial meeting I found them to be attractive. After getting to know them, I became turned off by their personalities, or lack of intelligence, and no longer found them attractive.

With mental connections, people can become more attractive. The deeper the connection, the greater the attraction. Mental connections often create love goggles, which prevents one from seeing physical flaws that they would normally zone in on, because they are so in love.

For me, it comes down to who would I want to spend the rest of my days with. Do I want someone who I find very attractive, but have little or no mental connection. Or do I want to be with someone I have an amazing mental connection with? I think the answer is obvious, but I believe it also depends on where you are at in your life.

What are your thoughts on mental connection versus physical attraction. Which do you value more? Please share your story or experience!

Physical attractions are common, but a mental connection is rare. Once you’ve had the latter, the former will never be enough” - Unknown

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