5 Signs You're In The Friend Zone and How To Escape It

5 Signs You're In The Friend Zone and How To Escape It

The friend zone is the place no one ever wants to be. By definition, the friend zone only really applies if one of you wants more than a friendship, but the other person doesn’t see you romantically. The friend zone is heartbreaking, but most of us have been there.

Unfortunately, if you have found yourself in the friend zone and now you want out, you will have some work to do. Once you have been friend zoned it is hard to escape. The first thing you need to do is recognize and accept that you are in the friend zone. The next step will be planning your escape.

5 Signs You’re In The Friend Zone

They Ask For Relationship Advice


If your friend complains to you about their relationships and sex life, and seeks your advice you are in the friend zone. When someone wants to be more than friends they will want you to know that they are available, so talking about other love interests is not usually something they will do.

They Talk About People They Are Dating Or Interested In

When someone is romantically interested in you they do not express interest in others. So if your friend discusses people they are dating, or openly comment on guys and girls they find attractive, then they only see you as a friend.

They Don’t Care How They Look Around You

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When we are interested or trying to attract someone we take care in our appearance around them. If your friend is willing to let you see them without their hair done, no make up on, or in their lazy day clothes they are not trying to attract you.

They Ask For Help


We usually feel comfortable asking our buddies and friends for help and favors. The damsel in distress kind of helps with trying to draw someone in, but if they are always asking you for rides, to watch their dog, or to help them move, they likely view you as a friend, and not a romantic interest.

They Encourage You To Date or Try To Fix You Up

We want the best for our friends and want them to be happy. However, if someone is romantically interested in you, they will not want to see you with anyone but them. So if your friend is setting you up with people or encouraging you to date, then they do not see you as a potential mate.

How To Escape The Friend Zone


Escaping the friend is hard but not impossible. Here’s the thing though. In order to escape the friend zone you have to be willing to give up any potential romantic relationship with the one you are crushing on. It may come down to you admitting your feelings and getting rejected.

You Will Need To Be Less Available

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One of the ways to escape the friend zone is to become less available. I’m not saying nice guys finish last, but old Mr. Reliable can easily get friend zoned. Show them you have a life outside of your friendship and make them miss you and desire your presence more.

Make Your Feelings Known

If you truly want out of the friend zone you will need to be brave and put your feelings out there. Either your feelings will be reciprocated or they won’t but either way, you can be free of the friend zone.


Start Dating

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I know it seems counterintuitive to start dating when you are interested in some one. But if you want out of the friend zone you will need to show your love interest that you are able and willing to move on if they only want to be friends. Plus, somehow the fact that someone else wants you makes you more desirable.

So let’s be honest, the best thing to do is to not let yourself end up in the friend zone. If you thought your way In with the guy or girl you like was friendship, you were likely wrong.

Now don’t get me wrong, friendship is the most important foundation for a great relationship. But if you are already interested in them romantically but playing the buddy role, your plan will likely backfire. If they are not feeling you, or do not realize you like them in that way you will get pigeon holed in the friend zone.

What are your thoughts on the friend zone and escaping? How would you get out of the friend zone? Please share your thoughts and experience!

“The reality of life is this: some people will never really love you back no matter what you do.” - Unknown

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