6 Ways To Let Him Know You Want A Physical Relationship

6 Ways To Let Him Know You Want A Physical Relationship

Not everyone wants or needs to be in a relationship to feel happy or complete in their life. Relationships are nice if you are with the right person, but also overrated if you are thinking that the relationship alone will fulfill you and give you a lifetime of joy.

More and more women are focusing on their education and careers, and putting marriage and family on the back burner. Many women are also choosing not to have children at all, and to have partners rather than spouses.

Relationship or not, a woman will still crave sexual intimacy. But the question is how to go about finding the right guy for the no strings attached relationship? And once you find him, how do you let him know that’s what you want?

As far as how to pick the guy, I say it’s all about personal preference. It will need to be someone with whom you have a strong physical attraction with and good sexual chemistry.

Whether you are bold or timid when it comes to seeking a lover, doing the six things I lay out in this blog should let him know what you are seeking. Either he will be interested and will reciprocate with similar signals or he will make it clear he’s not feeling it. If he seems uninterested keep it moving because there are plenty of men who would gladly take his place.

6 Ways To Let Him Know You Want A Physical Relationship


Flirt your little heart out. Flirt with your words and flirt with your body. Your flirting can be playful and subtle, or direct and obvious. How you flirt will need to depend on the personality of the person you are flirting with and where you are at when you are doing the flirting.

How you flirt in a bar will be completely different than how you flirt at work or at a PTA meeting.

Touch Him

Touch him occasionally, but don’t get inappropriate or creep him out. He may have the nicest chest or butt you’ve seen it a long time, and you just want grab him so bad, but you will need to resist.

Your touches should be subtle. Light touches to his shoulder, his forearm, or his hand. His body will respond and not pull away if he likes your hand on him.

Get Physically Close

We all have what we consider our personal space surrounding us. And it tends to bother us when people break this invisible barrier, unless of course it is someone we like or want to be physical with.

Test the waters and get close to him. If he is attracted to you he will be more than aware of your physical closeness, but will not move away. If he creates a physical distance he may not be interested.

Sex It Up

When I say sex it up, I mean look your best to attract him, but don’t try to be something that you’re not and overdo it. Dress and act as sexy as you feel comfortable with. You do not want to make yourself uncomfortable or feel insecure. Confidence is sexy, and he will be drawn to that.

Eye Contact

Strong eye contact is sexy, and says so much more than words at times. When eye contact is made between you and the one who is meant to be your lover or more, you will know it. You will feel it everywhere.

Tell Him

“Do you wanna bang” would not be my choice of words, but hey this is your sex life. If you are going for straight up directness, and feel like your invitation will be well received then go for it. Tell him what you want in your own words.

It’s a personal choice, and every woman has her reasons for opting for lovers over boyfriends and husband. Maybe she has been burned in the past with a bad divorce or horrible breakup, or she just knows herself and accept that she’s not the relationship type. Either way, no one is owed an explanation.

“It was the wildness of it that got me going: the primal lust, the sheer needs of two people in heat, quickly finding ways to express their sacred hunger to each other in animal passion.” ― Fiona Thrust, Naked and Sexual

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